The Story of Chazael

At the age of 17 I enlisted into the Marine Corps. I was stationed at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina. For around four years I unknowingly drank water that was laced with carcinogenic chemicals. Approximately 30 years later I developed leukemia! For 168 straight hours, chemo was pumped into my veins in an aggressive attempt to combat this deadly disease. The side effects of this chemotherapy were devastating. Not only did I develop Parsonage-Turner syndrome (a peripheral nerve disorder), that paralyzed my right upper extremity for a year and a half, but also the cartilage in my cervical vertebrae’s was severely damaged. 

 Although my right upper extremity slowly recovered, my neck did not. The ability to turn my neck to perform routine activities of daily living caused excruciating pain. The pain was so intense, I did not think I could continue working as a physical therapist. So I started to employ some of the medicines and lotions that I used to treat my patients that helped them with similar conditions. After seven years and by the grace of God, I developed a pain relief lotion that not only significantly reduced my pain, but also helped to increase my range of motion to within normal limits.

 I told my patients about this lotion and they were more than happy to try it. The outcomes my patients experienced with this pain relief lotion were truly miraculous. Hence, I truly believe that the Lord has anointed this lotion/oil for the benefit of all people, to bring glory to His name.

 I told my pastor that if I did not come down with cancer, Chazael would not have been developed. Pastor replied “beauty instead of ashes”. This is a verse from Isaiah 61:1-3. I have included Isaiah 61:1-3 on the reverse side of the flyer. Make note of the words “the oil of joy instead of mourning.” I believe, in this case, the oil of joy is Chazael. Chazael really works!

chazael pain relief lotion
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