"I ruptured a disc in my lower back in April 2019, about 2 months after the injury the pain basically plateaued.I was in pain (7/10) and having muscle tightness 24/7. I started applying the lotion to my lower back about 4 times a day.I noticed results almost immediately and within a week of applying it daily the pain was cut almost in half.I don’t have to apply as often to get the relief anymore. I only used about 2/3 of the bottle and my pain is around (3/10, 2/10 on good days).I am staying with my dad who has been experiencing severe hives after a few weeks in the hospital being treated for pneumonia. He breaks out daily all over. I had the lotion with me and he has been applying it to the areas where he’s flaring up and the results are amazing. I mean amazing. Hives clear up within a few minutes and it seems to keep them at bay most of the day. It works much better than anything he got from the hospital.Amazing stuff. Now the next step is to order some in bulk and spread the word!"

Paul Sherwood

"Chazael is wonderful! I have never had anything like it. If I wake up in the middle of the night with pack or hip pain, I put the lotion on and within 5 or 10 minutes the pain goes away and I go back to sleep."

Mayme Gill

"I have a degenerative spine and arthritis in both arms and hands. Some times the pain is so bad that I can’t sleep. When this happens, I get up and massage the hurting parts with Chazael lotion. Then I go to sleep. The discovery of this lotion has been a blessing for me."

Margaret Ogram

"Most days I suffer from arthritis, and Doctors only want to prescribe meds to manage the pain. I have been using the Chazael lotion and I am pain free."

Brian R.

"Joshua Tree PT is the place I go when muscles or bones are aching. The Chazael lotion is the first thing I’ve tried that ICan see and feel the stuff working, even on my bones. No bad smell, just rub it in and feel it work, I love the results of thisLotion, And recommend this to everyone who lives with pain or arthritis."

Karen B.

"I am 48 years old and a breast cancer survivor. In 2016 I had to have a double mastectomy, and some of the sentinel lymph nodes removed. My lymphedema has been unbearable some days. I had one day where I started out with an ibuprofen 800, and then took a pain pill, NOTHING was working. I was desperate to stop the pain. I remembered, Kevin, at Joshua Tree Physical Thereapy gave my son a bottle of Chazael to try for his shoulder pain. I honestly did not think it was going to work, but I was willing to try anything at this point, and put some on. I was AMMAZED with in ten minutes my pain was starting to dissipate, within 30 is was complete gone. This stuff really worked!! If you have any type of pain or inflammation. I would definitely try it. It’s the only thing I reach for now."

Oma Baldwin

"I have been using Chazael lotion for 3 months. My stiff hips are not only free of ache and pain, but I move freely and can sit cross legged on the floor..I gave some to my 89 year old mother who has had 2 back ablations. After 3 days of use she could do her exercises with more flexibility, and freedom. Her range of motion also improved, her pain is less.While I don’t have any scientific research to substantiate my experience, my experience is that I move with less pain, somedays pain free and I believe Chazael doesn’t just ease my pain, it heals it. If I am consistent in using it I don’t have pain."

Diane Muller

"I ordered your Chazael lotion a bit back because of extreme arthritic pain in my right arm. I saw your ad in a local health magazine and was very impressed with Pastor Tim’s testimony knowing the pain he endures day and night. I could barely use my right arm and held it in makeshift slings at times because just the weight of my arm on my joints exasperated the pain. I have both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. Within barely three days of applying your cream morning and night not only was the pain completely gone, it’s still gone! My right arm is pain free and I can use it with almost 100% motion! I’m getting ready to buy more lotion as I apply it wherever I have arthritic pain and even use it on my dog’s arthritic elbow! I never push a product on anyone, but have referred many friends to your Chazael lotion and they too are finding relief! Bless you for offering this product at such an affordable price!"

Cindy Scinto

"My friend and associate through Aglow International recommended this oil. When she was raving about it, I asked if it had emu oil in it. Though she didn’t know, I checked out the ingredients. I’ve been a massage therapist for over 30 years and look forward to trying your oil. I have my own potion with Frankincense Myrrh, marjoram, peppermint and a few others. God is using the leaves of the trees, the roots and other parts for our healing. God bless you as you serve Him as an instrument of healing and wholeness."

Sande Lofberg

"Meeting Kevin and his staff at Joshua Tree Physical Therapy has changed my life. Since a work-related fall 19 years ago (resulting in two major back surgeries), Kevin’s physical Therapy treatments have me standing up straight and walking with no limp and no need of a cane. Chazael, the essential oil-based serum created and used by Kevin in his PT treatments is nothing short of a miracle. This homeopathic serum provides incredible relief to my swollen tissue, aching muscles and arthritic joints. My name is Joanne Joyce, I am 67 years old. I have had a very active life. I worked 30 years in the “art department” building sets for movies and commercials. I was a downhill ski racer and a member of the Natl. Ski Patrol and I still work long days as a chef. I have broken my neck, both ankles, and herniated 6 discs in my lower back. Using “Chazael” provides me relief from my many ailments and has stopped the constant throbbing and muscle spasms in my legs and back. I highly recommend this product as it truly works."

Joanne Joyce

"After using Chazael for about a month I feel this lotion is very beneficial to the recovery of the soft tissue in my armAfter having broken my arm. The lotion is pleasant smelling, cool and soothing and seems to take away the pain I was having.The lotion has a healing feel. It doesn’t seem to numb the pain but removes the pain almost. Also, Chazael lotion has eased the pain almost instantly in my hip that has degeneration, It seemed to stop the pain immediately."

Rebecca B.

"I feel so fortunate to have been referred to Joshua Tree!After breaking my wrist in Dec. 2014 I developed extreme pain, swelling and stiffness in my arm and hand.I have made amazing progress since being treated by Kevin and his wonderful staff.I have mobility in my arm down to my finger tips. The lotion , “Chazael” has relieved my pain, swelling and stiff joints.I have been so blessed and am thankful for Physical Therapy at Joshua Tree."

Rebecca H.

"When someone would say “make a fist”, I could only chuckle and give them my flat hand with fingers slightly curved. But one day I was very blessed to be treated with a lotion called CHAZAEL!! Now I can make a complete fist with my right hand and almost a complete one with my left. When I began using the lotion, I used it frequently throughout the day for the first week or so, and now I apply it 2-3x each day; some days even less. The greatest benefit of this lotion is being PAIN FREE. My body is full of osteoarthritis, so I then began using it on my neck, shoulders, hip and now my back, where I have a L3-5 stenosis (narrowing). I am so blessed that Kevin listened to God’s promptings and persevered over years to develop this lotion called CHAZAEL (Hebrew translation-‘God Sees’). It has blessed me with a greater quality of daily living."

Kathleen I Peel

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